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If you are tired of being stressed and frustrated almost all the time in your parenting journey, then you need to ….

Discover the 6 EASY and EVIDENCE-BASED HACKS to turn your daily chaos, into a peaceful and happy home for you and your kids.

(This works even for first-time parents with no parenting skills)

“Using Mike's techniques not only reduced my stress but also taught my daughter new ways to express herself. Our relationship has grown stronger with these simple and effective changes.

- Chasity, mom of one -

“Mike's simple strategies are a lifeline for tough parenting moments. It brought consistent, positive changes to our family life.”

- Heidi, Mom of 3 and School Director -

“The more I experience and understand corporate life, the more I appreciate your work with children and their families. I’m fortunate to learn from you and so are my both kids!!!”

-Leonardo, Father of 2

For the last 11+ years, I helped 100s of kids and parents with my

Simple, practical, and step-by-step Strategies.

Combined with my expertise in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis.

To turn their life from a hopeless, devastating, and nerve-breaking parenting journey, into...

Joyful, peaceful, and a love-filled environment for the whole family.

So they can take pleasure in raising happy healthy kids, and cherish amazing memories they can laugh and giggle about when they grow up.

In this eBook, I have gathered my 6 best practical and useful hacks you can implement in your parenting journey and start experiencing positive change.

Inside this 'FREE' eBook you will discover:

Hack #1: Use these “2 words” to help your kids correct their mistakes, and speak kindly, without arguing, or losing your mind trying to remind them every time.

Hack #2: The “W.A.I.T” strategy. A quick and long-term hack to handle tantrums without Going crazy. (Even if they get to glass-breaking level 10 screams)

Hack #3: The “ONE” simple and very effective strategy to improve your kids’ behavior without punishment or yelling… and they will love you more for it.

Hack #4: How to deal with the “RUDE VOICE” when your kid asks for something just by using a simple phrase.

Hack #5: How to handle back talk without letting them walk all over you, and the ONLY effective solution to help them change that behavior.

Hack #6: Teach your kids how to be polite and thankful using an easy evidence-based 4-step technique. (this is my favorite parenting hack of all time.)

Bonus: Actionable steps after each hack so you can have a clear guide on how to implement each one successfully.

Michael Wallach is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and father of four.

He shares evidence-based parenting strategies through his community workshops and social media, with more than 80.000 followers that he gained in less than six months.

Even after years of expertise and experience working with kids, Michael faced the same doubts and challenges as every parent when he started his family with his wife in 2013.

But, After many sleepless nights and confusion, Michael discovered the R.I.G.H.T approach that helped him and his wife raise four beautiful kids in a peaceful, healthy, and stress-free home.

Encouraged by the positive results he achieved with the R.I.G.H.T approach in his own family and many compliments and requests from friends and followers, Mike decided his secret shouldn't stay hidden from parents who live in the same non-ending hassle.

He is on a mission to help struggling parents online navigate their parenting journey from daily confusion and frustration to a harmonious home for the whole family.

If you want to find more joy in raising your kids, away from the nerve-racking hassles, then click below to start building the family you’ve always dreamed of.

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